Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Haven't written on the blog for a long time since I really did not have much to put out. With college over, drag PSM postings- that we don't even have to go to most of the time, and dredgeries of trying to study for the USMLE, my life's been more of a series of merely surfing the net and sleeping.
Still, all these days have not gone wasted. I got a lot of paperwork done from the college and teachers. Heck! It really sweats you out going time and again for the same kinda stuff over n over again. (And its more of mental exhaustion, where I get an excuse to not study, and sleep away :P)
Then again, another thing I did was, finish watching Grey's anatomy (Season-5) -thanks to Shilpi for unintentionally sending me the online link to the show- I went on to waste almost one precious week waiting for the episodes to buffer and watching them, back to back!! I can really get addicted to a thing, and then its impossible to let go of it till I finish it off (... mind you, it has NEVER been this way for studies!!-its really amazing how my mind can siphon out only those things that are bound to waste time and make me feel guily later on!) But, now that I'm done with the show, I'm a happy person. No more Grey's anatomy as-a-distraction for me :D

Then the last two days have been heavy on the immunity. Had acute urticaria the other day, followed by a bout of rhinitis (..or 'rihintz' for some ;) ) with the eyes and nose running a constant drip. Feeling a lot better health wise now.

Although a mar has been put on the feel-good by the sudden realisation of how little I've studied in the past 10days!! :(
My has been a slow and shoddy affair till now! With just about 3months left to the exam, I still haven't done my first read! Was supposed to finish it by 15th June (ie today!!!), and still have massive amounts of course left!!
Just got a bit serious towards studies 2 days back. Have been doing Physio (one of my least fav subjects!), and realised that they've actually taught zilch at college in the general phys area of the subject. (It might be coz of my sucky memory, but I have a feeling that whatever I studied these days in general physio, sounded completely new!!)
CVS was on shaky lands.
Respi...ermm.. although haven't done it yet, I sure that what I have left of from my first yr knowledge, there'll be massive gaps to fill in there too!
Acid-base give me the shudders!
Only endocrinolgy seems to be good enough with the first yr stuff!
Its a good thing I got around to finally doing the subject, rather than leaving it out of the curriculum.
As for the other subs: If Physio doesn't do it, Biochem is definitely gonna kill me.
Anatomy and BS, not sure how much I know of it, till I do some Qbanks.
Micro...need revision revision..!!
Path..not too shaky, just need to adjust the loose ends a bit.

Hah! Forgot Pharma there.. Goes to show how much I've studied the damn subject! X(

Anyway, my rants about the prep end here. And, I finally got a new post on the blog (however uninteresting it might be!)

PS: Please pray for me!! Pray that I study!

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