Tuesday, April 28, 2009

McNaughten's Rule Anyone??

I just happened to come across this interesting quote through the Cheeky Quote application on my side panel:

"It's good to know that if I behave strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me."
-Ashleigh Brilliant

PS: I noticed that a lot of people land up on this post while googling up "McNaughten Rule".
One, I just found out that the spelling slightly different. Its McNaughton Rule (or M'Naughten Rule).
Two, here's the actual rule, "...it must be clearly proved that, at the time of committing the act, the party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing, or, if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong."
More info on the rule at Wikipedia.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got a Prize....!!!

Yes! I got a Certificate!!!! From Shruti, who I can't thank enough for this special Prize!!
(& who I also want to kill for not giving this Certi on time!!).

Even though we'd been a pair of sulking kids after coming in Second that day (ermm...the day WAS unfair to us!!! Those who were present can testify for that!!).

Even though we kept kicking ourselves of not keeping track of one simple question- Name the only vertebrate reservoir for Polio.
[ The thing was that, it was a direct question to another team. All the other teams were supposed to write down the answer & pass them on. The
answers were to be considered only if the direct team did not answer correctly. Now I had read the question as *ahem* 'vertebrae' and decided to venture a guess as 'lumbar'..*wtf!!* & Avina didn't even bother discussing the answer, coz she thought that with such a simple question, the team to which the question was directed initially, was bound to answer!! Butttt, these guys obviously blurted the answer as 'monkey'!! Errmm.. I fumbled... what were these guys talking about.. I read the question again..and realised the blunder I'd made!! In all the hurry all that I could think after 'monkey' was...'apes'!!! *I actually wrote that answer and passed it on*. All this while Avina was looking- first at those guys for getting it wrong...and then at me for getting it wrong AGAIN!! She looked at me with disbelief when I blatantly passed on my answer.]

Even though we kept trying to go back into time to say that 'sickle cell' [For a picture of a sowllen hand & the question: The paient keeps coming back to the ED with swollen hands & fingers. What would you see on his PBF]... or 'John F Kennedy' on time [For a question that went something like this: A famous couple had a baby who died of RDS.... Name the couple. Now I had actually guessed the answer as JFK *deserve a pat on the back for that*, but ran out of time while writing it down on paper! * deserve a kick on the shin for this*].

Even though we realised later on that the quizmaster had NOT given us credit for two of the first three tie-breaker questions! Our answers were correct!! (We checked up on the internet later) [Heck! I think he'd not even read our or the other team's answers!!]

...Ermm.. these were some of the memories of the quiz I
meant to post about. I guess the Certi & Shruti's blog brought them back and made me finally do it. And it feels gooood to have it out!!!*

As for now... I'm really really happy with this Certificate!!!
I'd like to thank Shruti for the special prize!! (Biased as she was towards us :P )
:D :D

PS: I've just penned down the our mishaps of the quiz. There were a lot more highs too.
Like the first question of the day : The Father of Neonatology was not a neonatologist. He was not even a pediatrician. What was he? We were the only team to get a correct answer in that round. It was a calculated guess: Obstetrician. :).....
And there were others that I can't recall now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ahem.. The same bit again! :D

Awwright...!! My last take on choices!!
The final draft is ready (for now atleast :P )

After my month long posting in Peds, I'm actually in love with the branch!!
I just love the little patients, their smiles, the way the parents dote over them, how they start recognising you after 2-3 days into the inpatient wards.. its all so sweet.

Then to see a kid get better by the day-- lose that wheeze in his breathing, start gaining weight again after a protracted diarrhoea, begin feeding properly, lose all that puffiness he got from nephrotic syndrome, get rid of the chest tube that had been inserted for more than 15 days. All these little bits, and the kids' reaction to them.. their parents' happiness over all of it--make my day.

Now, I've had such fun in Peds, that I can't picture my self with adults! Kids actually end up making work fun with them!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Peds or Not To Peds...

As a reply to my previous post, I got this list from Dr.Parang Mehta (who is an aluminus from MY college!! Woo)
Posting it here..
*According to this list, I am definitely NOT made for Peds!! Lol!!*

Five reasons to choose Pediatrics:
1. You like to cure patients. The child with severe pneumonia you admit in the ICU today will be sitting up and trying to pull his IV line out. On Day 2 he'll be running around the ward, destroying everything he can reach.
2. You like challenges. The challenge of diagnosing uncommunicative patients, the challenge of treating reluctant medicine-takers,the challenge of examining a patient in the cacophony created by a child crying and the parents trying to make him stop...
3. You like honest patients. When they say their tummy hurts, it's because their tummy hurts. It's not because of college exams, a tough boss at work, a difficult mother-in-law at home.
4. You like to see the gratitude in parents' eyes when their child gets well. Even if it is ephemeral.
5. You like kids.

Five reasons to not choose Pediatrics:

1. You like money. Pediatrics is the least lucrative of the specialties.
2. You like peaceful nights and undisturbed weekends.
3. You like respectful, cooperative patients.
4. You like patients that keep coming back to you. Forever.
5. You do not like kids.


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