Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Medic Music -2

I'm back with the second song for Medic Music.
This time its in a much more listener friendly setting- you don't have to navigate away or download it. :D

The song is sung to the tune of Lollipop by Mika. Of course, even after all my efforts, I could not get a karaoke generator, but Pranab's advice was useful- made the clip with Audacity (unlike the generic Windows sound recorder used last time). Thanks Pranab! :)

The song isn't all that good ( I like DJS more) but had to get it out of my system before I could move on to something better. Made it up somewhere during the exam prep, when I was trying to remember various drugs for Parkinson's disease and what each of the drug's role is in treatment.

Here goes- for *both* of my listeners! ;)

So you dx'ed Parkinson, eh?
What you gonna do about

For young- with mild
Anti cholinergics do the trick

For oldies with mild disease
No anti cholinergics please.
For mild ones, give 'em amantadine
No side effects in seeing or peeing.

Severe severe
Rx'ing it now m'dear

Young get agonists of dopamine
Much less side effects are they seen.
Levodopa is for older men,
Add carbidopa then!

Original song:

Image from here.
Shobit: Still waiting for some tricks.


  1. a 1000 points for creativity... loved it :D

  2. OK>>> LOVED IT


    Thanks for mentioning me too! Lookin' forward to the next!

  3. omg!! omg!!! awesome..

    first i read the lyrics it was good but then after listening to the!!wow!!

    thanxs to aunty for you having such a good voice :P
    hats off to you!!!

  4. Awesome! I am no connoiseur in music ... nor do I know a thing about the medical science... still, i loved the song! without sounding gay, I looove your voice for some strange 'quality'! ;)

    PS. Reminded of the lost-in-the-dust classic by a starry-eyed, 10th grade kid.. "Pizza Delivery Guy" .. :)
    The One Who Couldn't Care Less About Your Blog Updates

  5. Wow !!
    Loved it. :)
    and, am gonna be catching up on this space for more... :)

  6. @Roshan: You are too kind. Thank you :)

    @PC: Well you did help me out a lot there.

    @Avina: Heh. You finally heard it.

    @Shruti: OMG! How do you even know *that* song? It was composed way before 10th std! (and *facepalm* at the fact that you still remember it)

    @TJ: Heh. Thanks :)

  7. Hahaha ...

    That's a good one ...
    Maybe you could release an album of Mnemonic songs.

    I have one with a tune for the periodic table, but nothing singable for medical stuff.



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