Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'll Be There For You!

I was just checking out the sidebar, when I realised how long its been since I saw a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode.
(One of those OMG moments! ;D)
So, I decided to watch some on youtube. (Yes! I'm a net addict these days. Everything I do, is pretty much online!)
I came across this, and man, I was so happy watching the ol' Rembrandts singing with the cast! One of my favorite ever- both the song and the video!


  1. I've been watching a lot of FRIENDS again these days .. thanks to the fact tht i have free time between 7-8 and later (for the repeats) .. anndd now i do not have net to divert my attention :P ...

    Could I love 'em more! ...
    PS. refer to ur other posts for my comments ..


  2. awwww...that's so sweet! you leaving a comment despite being in the gaon-s of UP!!
    and you're watching FRIENDS!! envy you on that front!! I'm missing em like anything-coz apparently 7-8 is the time i realise that i've wasted the day--and must study!

  3. Have you been watching House MD?

  4. House MD--not much lately. plan to binge on it post-step! :D

  5. ah yes...done with the first two seasons..
    read scripts of the rest (on my tiny mobile screen.. during exam days.. phew!)

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