Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day :)

A very Happy Independence Day to all!! :)
Today my favourite country in the whole wide world completes 62 years of Independence! Yay!!

On a more specific note, what I want to post today is one thing that has been bugging me a lot for the past few days...... actually ever since I came across the news of an increasing %age of seats reserved for a certain caste in the Rajasthan Pre-PG exam!

As if more than 50% reservation was not enough, they (read: the fools who run the Government and make decisions based solely on their vote banks!) decided to add another percentage for a 'backward' caste, and even for the economically backward 'sawarnas'!

That is what I call trying to appease EVERYONE!
When there was that countrywide cry over the caste-based reservation of seats in higher education, some intellectual people suggested that we sould do away with caste0based reservation, and have just seat reservation based on economial backwardness.
Okay, good idea.
But the whole idea was to do away with caste based reservation, and not add the economical clause to the ever increasing list of reserved categories!!!
While what our dear decision makers did was to add that clause to the reservation list too!

Speaking of Higher Education, here's a bit about the Pre-PG exam, from my PoV:
One major point that seems to have passed the notice of the Govt is, that the people who get the benefits of reservation in higher ed (eg: Pre PG exam, in our case) are actually the ones who have come in through a reserved seat already!!
So, technically they are at par with all other students, without any discrimination! They have the same teachers, same books , same lectures as the unreserved.
Then why the upperhand in further competitive exams? Aren't they able enough to compete on their own now?
This policy is just plain (for a lack of a better, more abusive word..) STUPID!!

What all this reservation has done is, bring about more and more discrimination amongst students..and a creation of groups based on caste. (seen it happen in my college atleast!)
What this is doing is making sure that more and more people who all their lives did not bother about the caste of a fellow, know what-surname-fits-what-group!
A person who uptil school did not know what the value of a surname is aside from being a means of identification of a person, now sees the surname first and then based on it, makes an opinion of the person.
And even if he doesn't, the results of competitive exams like Pre-PG sure work to create a rift!

This kind of discrimination and step-motherly treatment for the 'general castes' breeds frustration (Sure hurts when you see a person with much lower marks, get in through a position that you rightly deserved--just because they belong to a certain caste).

Personally speaking its definitely helping to promote brain-drain!!


In today's day and age, what we really need is freedom from this kind of policies!!
Happy Independence Day.
Do something good today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Since I really don't have much to write just now, except for the fact that life's a mess with a load of studying and a should-be-there-but-is-still-non-existent-tension about the upcoming exam!!

(...err, I still get panic attacks and guilt trips from time to time! So I'll take these as good signs, and conclude that my conscience is not dead yet!)

Okay, not going to deviate from what I wanted to put in, in the post in the first place.

Here's the thing.
Decided to make a 'Blogs I Like' Hall of Fame sorta list, since I've come across some really good writings in the past few days.
Would definitely recommend them for a good read.

1. Dr. Grumpy's Blog: Friggin' hilarious!! Love the snippets form the neurologist's life. Hands down, the funniest blog I've come across!

2. Crowsciousness: Great read. This blogger has the ability to put into writing all that you think and feel.. and well, paints a picture with words.

3. (Shruti's new blog would go here-but since I don't rember the link..let's just leave it blank!): Well, she's my absolute favourite writer (.. after JKR!!)..and she knows it!

4. Twenty something going on Five: I actually just came across this one yesterday, and really liked it. Noting extraordinary, but me liked it a lot. So here goes. *BTW: just noticed that the blog name has 'quibbler' in it. Now I'm sure I've done good in putting it up! :D :D *

That's it for now.
Can't recall the others. Maybe link 'em up later.

Have fun reading.


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