Monday, June 28, 2010

Medic Music

** Scroll downnnnn for embedded video**

Hey all,

This is my first effort at recording and podcasting.

I'm one of those people who can remember and recall lyrics to songs very easily. So, I always wanted to write some medical knowledge into popular sounds and hum it along.
Today was the day when I finally did it.

The song used is "Love Song" by Right Said Fred, and has been used since it was the song playing while I started doing this.

So basically what we have here is something that might sound like a hybrid between music bySubstance P (-I am a huge fan of his) and those roadside bhajans that you hear to the sound of popular Bollywood numbers (Yes, I do find them hilarious and easy to remember!).

There's no music in the background, because, well I don't play any instrument that well. And the vocals.. ermmm... lets just say we're here for learning. okay? ;)

I know there's a lot to improve on, but like I said in my previous posts, I'm running short on time these days. This is just a beginning and I was excited to share.

Criticism, suggestions and feedback would be appreciated.

PS: Remember it is very very amateurish and has been done in about an hour! Next time the song will be more carefully chosen and more research will go into the topic.

Post completion update: So, I could not figure out how to podcast. So just embedding it. Also, heard it for the first time and okay, sounds crappy. So if you want, you can just learn the lyrics instead of listening to the audio. I won't mind.

Post post completion update: The song's link is actually embedded into the title of the post. Or here . Next time I'll try to get it to stream somehow. (Tips on how to do this would also be appreciated)

**Scrap the post post completion update. Here's the latest. Embedded it! :D **

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  1. OK, from a regular reader of your blog:

    1. Vocals ain't all that bad, really!

    2. The funda of clicking on a link to go to another website from where to download the file and play it is a loooooooooong haul. Not too many will do it. :)

    3. You might consider using a screencapture software (I use camtasia studio: a free version is available on the www somewhere) and put the lyrics on a ppt file and record the voice over as though you were presenting a ppt. Then you can easily upload it to (since its gonna be a vid) and embed it on your blog.

    I tried it as well:

    4. if you are fixed on the idea of making an audio only podcast, use audacity as a sound catcher software. but then the issue of uploading it somewhere (coz blogger doesn't accept audio uploads) comes up. you might try to check out itunes or podcast-only sites, but, in my opinion, anything that takes us away from your blog isn't a good idea.

    OK. if you are awake and still reading this, i must sau i enjoyed the post and yeah, i am a substance p junkie too.


    cheers. good to see that the exam time is making you post oftener than usual. that's three posts in a row... ;)

  2. Hey Pranab:
    Thanks for actually listening :D I knowww... it was suck a task for me to go from one link to the other and then download (!) it. [Heck, even I found myself getting irritated doing it for the second time]

    Thanks for the idea of making a powerpoint and uploading it as a video. Yes, youtube is simple enough.
    I had considered the idea of making it as a video, but dis'ed it due to "lack of time". But in hindsight, the time spent trying to make a podcast out of it would have resulted in a pretty good video! :D Heh. Things we learn from our mistakes.

    And yes, I actually saw your CV video via twitter yesterday, but did not comment since wanted a login (did not know it was on your blog too!)Must say you sound might professional. Me like! :D

    Thanks for the ideas man. I really appreciate them! :)

  3. I sound professional? :O You gotta be kiddink me matey! But thanks, I will take that, the best comments!


    And yeah, I think it would be easier if you used camtasia to just make the vid. you could use the lyrics as the ppt slides. or whatever...

    and if you want back ground music, you might try:

    1. there are many karaoke-maker-wares out there on the www, but i must warn you most of them suck. i am yet to find one which works smooth.

    2. you can try audio capture with vocals suppressed on your gom player or vlc (one of them has this feature, i don't remember which, sorry)

    always loved your free flowing style of writing... look ahead for more posts from ya'!

    and of course, all the very best for the exams (what is it? step ck/cs, i guess?)

  4. haha, this is how u waste time, it was so very bad, come on...u should study rather than waste time on these..hope u understand

  5. it was useless, is this how u waste time..huh..u better study than doin all this

  6. :)

    Hey that was really cool. You should try doing more of these.

    Though I'm tempted to suggest some ideas to make it easier to publish, but you'd rather concentrate on studying for now. :)

    Hope to see many more of these. :)

  7. @Pranab: Thanks for the ideas :) Now to find something to get an act together. Btw: It was CK. Blew it.

    @Anonymous: Whoa! First negative comment. Though leaving it un-anonymously would give it more credibility. Well, kept away from it till exam. (Anyway still, I'd seriously expected some stones to be pelted at the nonsensical Rihints story. Whatever)

    @Shobhit: Thanks :) Made my day!
    Now that the test is done, ideas welcome. Am looking into finding an easier way to get it on the blog.



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