Sunday, June 13, 2010


Do you have any of those little quirks that you never seem to get rid of?
One of mine is 'Rihints'

As a kid, once I was down with a nasty cold.

[If you've ever had a really bad cold (-which you probably have-duh!), then you might remember that one of the most infuriating things about this common-cold, is that constant lacrimation occurring unilaterally.]

So then, I asked my dad for some medicine for those tears. He being doctor, gave me a cold medicine that was meant to 'Combat Rhinitis'.
Now as a kid of about ten years, I read it as 'rihints' ...(Note: R-I-H-I-N-T-S) and decided that it was a term used for those tears running down my face. (Maybe it was because of the blurry vision due to the "rihints"??)

..And rihints they have been ever since.

One good thing happened because of my silly error of reading. I got a term to describe that incessant lacrimation when you have a common-cold.

Okay that was essentially the most useless story ever.
But what the heck, I wanted to post a new story for the pretty green template, and just decided to go on with whatever sprung to mind.

Hopefully some better stuff to come in the near future.


  1. last two minutes of my day were really productive..haha..

  2. At least the template's good, right? :P

  3. Reminds me of t days when I Beleived Nostalgia meant Pain n t Nose

  4. What i remember from 'rihints' is Ritu's problem with it and always the typical tone she used to say it with..:)

  5. @aswin: wow.. that was bright (seriously!)- something like antibody= against everyone.

    @avi: Ritu and rihints..hain? Nahi yaad aaya :O



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