Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 things that show that I've gone into pre-exam mode

10. Sleeping > 15 hours per day. With mornings that happen around noon, and pulling late nighters-- which include lots of random googling, surfing and browsing the web (and no studying, of course!).

9. Watching re-runs of FRIENDS, Full House or even Sarabhai/Sarabhai every chance I get.

8. Then again, going into anxiety mode over time that was wasted watching shows or sleeping!

7. Twitter stream filled with study facts (which ARE sometimes useful btw!) and rants about How I Slept For Another (Hour) (<-apologise for the extremely poor attempt at rhyming with HIMYM!)

6. Breakfast> Brunch>Lunch>Mid-day snack after nap> Pre-dinner>Dinner>Late night coffee. Repeat.

5. Ten different alarms on the phone for waking me up. To be repeated everyday! (First alarm starts at 6.30am. I duly wake up anytime after 10am)

4. Googling up any bit-of-information-about-any-obscure-person-or-thing that I come across. (Ritz pointed this out to me yesterday)

3. Being perpetually online, and knowing about every little update on Facebook/Orkut/Twitter. (Notice how, even at this stage of boredom, I did not resort to extreme measures like taking quizzes or playing farmville or deciding who my 'friend/enemy/lover of the day' was!)

2. Cribbing to anyone who will listen about the upcoming exam and how its making my life miserable.

1. Writing blog posts, like this one.


  1. great article!something every student can connect to:)

  2. Gosh...

    That's exactly what's happening with me these days.

    In fact, your points #10, 9, 8, 6, 5(ditto!) and 4 are just what I'm managing to pull off very efficiently in these pre-exam days... :P

    Btw, which exam are you preparing for ? AIIMS ?

  3. #9 becomes anything on the idiot box..can u believe i even see some saas bahu types also...ughhh what a mess i am these days!
    #8 on the top of anxiety i add loads of caffeine to amplify it!
    #6 weighing machine shows an increased figure me( since i m in skr)
    #3 i hate this wifi...on the touch of a button i ve everthing on the cell:( mail alerts are activated tooo..
    #2 cut copy paste
    loads of cribbing...full stop
    nhi to ek blog yahi ho jayega!!

  4. no complains... if it gets you blogging...

  5. he he...
    don't know why, bt we medics LOVE cribbing...
    be it studies, lifestyle, exams, and the prep for it, and exams, and the way we are screwed @ clinicals, and exams, and the post-exam depressing life, and results, and everything ;)

    btw, wenz ur S2 scheduled for?

    *Happy Studying... :)

  6. yup that sounds just abt rt.. Im doing all of them.. so any idea for a cure ???

  7. @Docspike, Shobhit, Avina, Roshan: Heh! Good to know that I'm not the only one :]
    @SHobhit: Thankfully NOT! The USMLE road for me.
    @PC: This is definitely not worth the pain that exams inflict on us!
    @TJ: Somewhere in July (hopefully)
    @Anon: :]

  8. Notice, how I've replied to all comments after a lot of them piled up. This is just to show how busy I am these days :P
    ('Show' being the keyword here, since I pretty much got the notification about the comment instantaneously as you posted it. FML!)

  9. What?? you haven't organised your CD collection alphabetically yet?

  10. @ :P - Does cleaning up your iTunes library and adding artwork to each album count? Done!



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