Friday, January 22, 2010

Mono-phonic Thinking

Another one from Dr. N. [This is the first one. And its hilarious!]

After examining a case of suspected infectious mononucleosis, Dr. N and the student on call were discussing the diagnosis and management.

Dr.N: "The heterophile test might not always be positive in the early course of the disease.. So, what other test can you use for diagnosis?"

Student: "Give the patient amoxicillin. And watch if he develops a rash.."

(This one cracked me up. Believe me, it might sound like me, but I wasn't the student here!)


  1. that must have been dr. house when he wud hav been a med student

  2. Hii Arps, well u've inspired me to write my blog in english =) So from now on it's only in english.

    Ps. Love your blog so much

  3. Eew... is it okay that i find this post gross?
    I guess it's the pic that does it!
    Besides, the joke was lost on me, and the graphic was not .. !

  4. after all students are so intelligent :P

  5. Hi Arps,
    Spent the whole afternoon reading all your old posts...great blog!Reminded me of my days in med school!Do keep blogging....



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