Friday, March 21, 2008

My Verry Happy Birthday.... :)

My birthday this year was something special &kind of a brain racking experience… with a whole trail of clues laid down for me to crack, to find my gifts of course!! These guys.. (ref: D,Ank,Avi,Atul,Navy,Ravi,Kaushik,Ritz,Sattu & Saurabh…).. had a full day treasure hunt planned out for me!
Well, I’d been itching to narrate the story to Shruti or one of the others, when y’day Shruti pointed out that I could put it up on the blog. Bright idea!! & here I am writing an account of the day…

So, after the midnight party on the terrace, we all were in my room, when my series of surprises began! There was this ABSOLUTELY YUMMY pudding, thanks to chef Divya et al.

Then there was also this nice card with my Piscean qualities.. :) While we were talking and all, Ritz asked me to turn on bluetooth on my cell. I complied, thinking she must be sending in some sort of birthday graphic. As the message transfer ended, Ritu announced that the job was done, & if anyone wanted to give any instructions, they could do so. Okay. Now I was confused.. what was going on?? As, I saw the message, I realized it was some sort of a riddle that I had to solve, coz it was a music clip titled

"Clue 1":
As I listened to the song, I was told that this was a clue to find my first gift.. & I had to find it before the song ended!!! It took me some time to grasp what was going on, but as I listened to the song, it dawned on me! I ran to %@^$#!% ‘s room..!! & voila, there it was a b’ful rose lying on the bed!! But there was a catch… the next clue was lying next to it!

Clue #2:
This one was a riddle (ala HP).. Here’s how it went :
“Arjun ne dekhi the macchli ki aankh,
Tujhe dekhna hai mendak ka dil..”
Well, sounds tacky…doesn’t it?? But it’s a very well framed riddle…. There were a million things that I could think of, which were frog shaped… a key chain, a soft toy… But then, it struk me… OUR COLLEGE!!! Of course, our colg is shaped like a frog ("mendhak ka dil", indeed)!!! I put up the suggestion to the others, but one was in the mood to help me out!! They were enjoying this! Navy even tried to confuse me with her stupid ideas! But then Ank helped out by telling me to go to sleep & think abt it the next morning…
So the next day, we had to run to class..coz we were very late! So I had no time to think over the clue. But when the class ended, I found a gift in the college corridor!! Yay!! I was right!! But the next clue was missing…
As we went outside, Ritz again started sending something in… This time it was damn simple!!!!!!!

Clue#3: was the song, “tere sang, ek simple si coffee bhi…” This was something I could solve in my sleep! I picked up my activa & rushed off to AFJ…. The shop was closed, but there it was.. I could see two scrolls of paper wrapped in ribbons… :)….. Butt… these turned out to be blank sheets!!



  1. awesome!! ...
    aaaannn...write more.. finish the story... i dun like this 'to be continued'! ....

    hey D,Ank,Avi,Atul,Navy,Ravi,Kaushik,Ritz,Sattu & Saurabh,

    Great job, people... can I borrow this gang for my bdays :D ..!

    Ritz ... such a brilliant idea ! ..

    cheers! .. n post again..soooon!

  2. wish i had a awesome bday like urs ;) !!
    belated belated belated wishes of course !!!

  3. i wish i had friends like urs

    much belated wishes

  4. he he... my friends rock! don't they!
    okay i guess i've been lazy enough. will try to finish the blog soon..

  5. c'mon do it

    quit this saah bahu style of to be cont'd

    har ladki mein ek ekta chhupi hui ha lagta hai

  6. u do have a prob of messing up with the sequences!!!

    1 "verry" imp thing.... since u have not given out the song that was ur clue#1, u could have given out the name of the person in whose oom u found the B'FUL RED ROSE... so for the sake of other ppl - the song was from the movie 'Partner'.

    - RitZ.

  7. hey they are good friends who celebrate your birthday at midnight and give a surprise my friend. that's good friend.



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