Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cell-ing Through The Ages

I just realised, I need a new phone. But no one's ready to buy me one. And with my...littli-ish stipend, I don't think I can afford one in the near future.
So right now just reminising on the all the mobile phones I've had till date.

2002: Grade 10: My first mobile. Well, actually it was pa's, but I got to keep it, since he never used it, and I went alone to the tution class :)
It was some ancient Siemens model. Had a display screen with some 2-3 lines and a crass sounding ringtone. It was never really a favorite with me.
Well, the charges of mobile services were sky-high back then. Forget about the 'free SMSes' that we have today. I think even incoming was charged! Haw. Lived in the stone age, didn't we, back then.

2003: Grade 11: My first 'official' mobile. Oh! It was heaven!
[I actually conned me dad into buying it. The old cell kinda broke down. Now, although I had no real need for a cell,I talked to dad over the phone and made a huge deal out of it. Ha! got permission to buy a new one, then and there. *I'm rotten to the core, I know :D*]
It was a beautiful Nokia. It had a blue body and hold-your-breath....a color screen. The best part were the polyphonic ringtones. Can you believe it *polyphonic*! Wow! So, now I did not have to listen to those crass mono-tones. It even had GPRS! (of course I could use it only after changing services to Hutch..)
[And with Hutch came the everfamous 'FnF' service that has survived all changes, and stands tall till today :)]
So with GPRS in hand, there I was downloading zillions of ringtones (polyphonic, yes) and some games (ermm..they cost like 50 bucks each, so didn't spend as much on them!)
I remember I even downloaded that FRIENDS theme song ringtone, that people refused to recognise instantly!
Also, this mobile was the central subject of the legendary 'mobile-episode' at Neeta's place (Shw, Shilps and Neeta have it etched in their memories. Oh yes they do!! :D :D)

But this cell lasted a year or so, until I got selected into Med School! Ha! Another excuse for upgrading.

2004: May: Got the new Nokia 3660. It was a beautiful thing with a 1.3 Mpx camera. Oye. This was the cell that got me nice and hooked to GPRS. Browsed the net like there was no tomorrow. There was unlimited browsing at just 100bucks a month.
Around this time, the HPmania was at its peak. Made a number of hardcore HP pals and WAP pages (yes, there's no typo here-for the uninitiated, WAP is the mobile version of a webpage). There was 'Firebolt' (yours truly's page), 'The Three Broomsticks' and more! It was HP heaven for lil ol me :) My mobile became my best pal, and I churned out hours ans hours worth of stuff on the phone.
And then there was MMS. The phase reached its hilt somewhere in the middle of first year. What fun we had with that!! Sending each other random pics a nd lon---ng notes, in those dreary summers of the First yr exams. (those epic notes from SARS! :) and those crazy pics in the middle of the night-that were meant to scare me, but landed up making me laugh no end!) Oh! MMS was undoubtedly the ultimate source of timepass in those days.
Well, GPRS was also the coolest thing, since hey, I did not need a medical dictionary ever in my med school life. The cell was there, net was there, and, voila!

2006: Jan: Got me a new N-70. Okay. It was for Pa. But then....
Anyways, like I was saying, my new cell was the high end gadget in those days. It was soo much better than the ancient 3660. Had all the cool features with an awesome camera.
Annnd it came at about the nest time. When clicking pics was the new fad, with zillions of pix being taken each semester. Every activity was clicked.
Then, Hutch decided to bestow upton us the magic of free SMSes. Hah! Every little thing was messaged. Forwards came down from e-mails to mobile. (oaky, i admit it was fun initially, but now its just repetition people!!)

2008: But then came Final, and everyone forgot about pics and fun. Though the same cell was still in use for the GPRS (the best thing since sliced bread) browse social networks and medical resources.
The charisma of a high end mobile was absent last year, since I had no need for it. That might've been coz I was too busy studying (?). I evidently had no major use of cell besides browsing the net and SMSing (..and sometimes talking) back then. But people, now is a different story.
(PS: Statistically speaking, this was the year for me to get a new mobile anyway! ;D)

2009: Come 2009, and I've been craving for a new mobile. There's just one glitch. Ermm, no one's willing to buy me one.

PS:If any kind soul wants to buy me an iPhone, I got just two words for you -Do It!!


  1. small stipends! big demands! :O ipone :O good... karo jyada ka irada... i'm still stuck with the same cell i gt in my first year... n m still hooked 2 it the whole day with less than 5 months for my final exams.
    wat 2 say "future is bright, or future is orange" :)

  2. Hey,

    'If any kind soul wants to buy me an iPhone, I got just two words for you -Do It!!'

    *Just-in-case, someone here wud be keen to buy you a phone,*



  3. @manjit: :D jyada ke irade pe hi to duniya kayam hai! :) kinda laying it all on freudian defense mechanisms. :D

    @tj: *grin* *grin* lets both wait for the generous soul. :D

  4. for anyone who's interested, i just found out that the ol' wap-site lives on (though under a different name)..
    man! its been ages since i saw it!

    somehow, there's a lot of a different language on the page. heck, the whole navigation is what, french??;jsessionid=5B63C29A37D14BEED8EECDB5028516C8.c04

  5. Ahem. You spent 50 bucks flat on downloading games and couldn't lend it to me to make a call when we had a flat tyre. I am sure that you won't remember it now, but that was the reason I had got my first cell - 'Selfish Arpita - not letting anybody use her precious phone'
    Please don't go, 'Haw! I never knew this'
    But maybe I don't complain now ;)
    & anybody willing to gift iPhone, I am in line too....

  6. @Geller: Haw! I never knew this!
    And I'm sorry about it (if it realy did happen)
    ..One thing I've been trying to do all these years is- trying to NOT be selfish!! Eep! There goes that attempt outta the window!
    (PS: When was this..? I can't rem it , seriously! Must've been one of those times when I don't really realize the social outcomes of my acts!)

    On second thoughts, you got your first cell coz of me..Yay to my selfishness. Be thankful



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