Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ra- Ra- Rasputin

Ma! look what I found!!

:D What treasures you find when you browse through youtube!
[Crazy video, but I just love the song!]

-One of my all time favourite songs! A lot of memories attached to this one.
-Been listening to Boney M. since I-don't-even-remember when! Mum used to listen to them, and I became a fan by default.
-When I was in 6th Std, it was a really pleasant surprise to know that, at least one person besides me listened to BM! "..the land of Rasputins.." was a line suggesed by Ma'am K. for introducing a Russian Dance at a Folk Dance Competition at school. The sad part was that none of the other teachers had heard the song. (And I was too shy to admit that I knew what Ma'am K. was talking about! :D)
-Then back in 10th, we had that silly Rasputin dance for our personal farewell to Ma'am U. (rememer Shruti!?) It was actually the craziest dance ever- with us kind of just miming the words... and going round and round during the music :)

And, oh, just if you are wondering what its all about, here's a link to wikipedia, that's about
Grigori Rasputin -


  1. Oh i love that song too.. the first years had sung it for Freshers day and it was such a giggle :), love these old songs.. :)

  2. ::awesome::
    Rasputin with friends..always fun!!

  3. I have been driving my friends crazy these past two days, by singing rasputin really loudly. I can't sing. My throat has been hoarse. kinda scared for my life now........

    I love the song and boney M :D

  4. yayie...
    there actually are people, besides me, who love Boney M!!!

    :D :D

    @ramsub: the magic of Rasputin is that u don't really need a good voice!!



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