Sunday, June 27, 2010


[Wow.. look at me I'm on a roll here. Second post in one week!]

I was just writing some notes and noticed that I have a short-hand lingo of my own that just a few can understand (heck.. sometimes even I can't understand it! ) and I tend to shorten things by suffixing them with the letter "x" a lot!

The theme started off with the obvious "Rx" - which actually doesn't even have an 'x'. It is supposed to be a diagonal line cutting through the 'R'. Rx in modern day means prescription. It comes from the Latin verb recipe or recipere, which means 'to take'.

So, well, using Rx for Treatment was given. But thus originated a spew of other short forms, which if taken into the English Dictionary would bring down the score for the 'X' tile in scrabble to a mere two or three points!

Here goes the list in alphabetical order:

Bx - Biopsy
Cx- Complication(s)
Dx- Diagnosis
DDx- Differential Diagnosis
Ex- Exercise (Yes, I still use Eg. for example)
F(x)- Function (This has been used for 'function' ever since we were taught functions in Maths)
Hx- History/ History of
Ix- Investigation
Mx- Management
Ox- For oximetry in Pulse ox
Rx- ...well...
Sx- Symptom
Tx-(sometimes treatment)

Well, that's the list for now.. Thirteen out of twenty six. Not bad. But not as many as I thought either. (Mental note- suffix more letters with an 'x')

Feel free to add more if you have any.

I know this was kind of pointless, but the thought amused me (Yes, it takes very little to amuse me these days. Blame it on the alleged 24*7 studying!)
And while I have to prepare for this exam, I absolutely *had* to scribble my thoughts before I could move on to anything else more productive!

PS: iPhone wali post- Part two should come up next (Hopefully after the exam)


  1. I am totally guilty of these short hands as well! Great list! :-)

  2. Haha.. Good to know its not just me :D



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