Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Since I really don't have much to write just now, except for the fact that life's a mess with a load of studying and a should-be-there-but-is-still-non-existent-tension about the upcoming exam!!

(...err, I still get panic attacks and guilt trips from time to time! So I'll take these as good signs, and conclude that my conscience is not dead yet!)

Okay, not going to deviate from what I wanted to put in, in the post in the first place.

Here's the thing.
Decided to make a 'Blogs I Like' Hall of Fame sorta list, since I've come across some really good writings in the past few days.
Would definitely recommend them for a good read.

1. Dr. Grumpy's Blog: Friggin' hilarious!! Love the snippets form the neurologist's life. Hands down, the funniest blog I've come across!

2. Crowsciousness: Great read. This blogger has the ability to put into writing all that you think and feel.. and well, paints a picture with words.

3. (Shruti's new blog would go here-but since I don't rember the link..let's just leave it blank!): Well, she's my absolute favourite writer (.. after JKR!!)..and she knows it!

4. Twenty something going on Five: I actually just came across this one yesterday, and really liked it. Noting extraordinary, but me liked it a lot. So here goes. *BTW: just noticed that the blog name has 'quibbler' in it. Now I'm sure I've done good in putting it up! :D :D *

That's it for now.
Can't recall the others. Maybe link 'em up later.

Have fun reading.



  1. oh gosh! hey thanks a bunch! :) :D

    *wipes tears from eyes and pulls out a loooooong sheet from pocket*

    "ahem..I would like to thank the following people for this honour..."

    *looks up and sees nobody's listening*

    Oh well.

    :D Thankooooo.

  2. Life's a mess - I totally agree!

  3. :O

    I am your favorite writer after JKR :O :O .. I did not know THAT *struggling to keep from fainting* .. I thot u thot I was a fun read ..daily diary kinds ... I never thot u wud ever put it that way!! ...

    Gawd, I am pleasantly surprised/ touched *really*!!
    aww.. :) :)

    awwwwww ...

    Okay.. al act decent now... n get a grip on myself.. but still, aww!! Cheers! :)

  4. @mith: ahha... i love the drama. lol.

    @mgeek: yeah. spoken like a true-blue medico!! yet to see a medic who doesn't curse life at some point of college!! *sigh*

    @ron: thick skull!! haven't i told this to you like a gazillion times!
    (although i prefer the posts that include..err..me--or someone i know-- as the subject :D :D)

  5. OMG I am so flattered! Nobody has complimented me like that till now and I'm feelin all gooey. Thanks Arps! I love reading your blog posts too. They have a level of maturity I will NEVER possess and you manage to convey how indian medical students feel without much drama. Cheers.



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