Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Peds or Not To Peds...

As a reply to my previous post, I got this list from Dr.Parang Mehta (who is an aluminus from MY college!! Woo)
Posting it here..
*According to this list, I am definitely NOT made for Peds!! Lol!!*

Five reasons to choose Pediatrics:
1. You like to cure patients. The child with severe pneumonia you admit in the ICU today will be sitting up and trying to pull his IV line out. On Day 2 he'll be running around the ward, destroying everything he can reach.
2. You like challenges. The challenge of diagnosing uncommunicative patients, the challenge of treating reluctant medicine-takers,the challenge of examining a patient in the cacophony created by a child crying and the parents trying to make him stop...
3. You like honest patients. When they say their tummy hurts, it's because their tummy hurts. It's not because of college exams, a tough boss at work, a difficult mother-in-law at home.
4. You like to see the gratitude in parents' eyes when their child gets well. Even if it is ephemeral.
5. You like kids.

Five reasons to not choose Pediatrics:

1. You like money. Pediatrics is the least lucrative of the specialties.
2. You like peaceful nights and undisturbed weekends.
3. You like respectful, cooperative patients.
4. You like patients that keep coming back to you. Forever.
5. You do not like kids.



  1. I would never do pediatrics LOL. I hate seein kids cry/die. Incurable congenital diseases are horrifying.

  2. yeah. that's the dark side alrigt. but to make a kid smile after u've seen him cry with pain is just amazing.

  3. i do like peaceful weekend, but hey there's something i like more than that... tat is the responisbilty of curing innocent kids. i jes hope tat i make it into either medicine or peds.

  4. @manjit: so true that is! :D
    amen to making it into peds-for both of us!! :)



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