Friday, April 24, 2009

Ahem.. The same bit again! :D

Awwright...!! My last take on choices!!
The final draft is ready (for now atleast :P )

After my month long posting in Peds, I'm actually in love with the branch!!
I just love the little patients, their smiles, the way the parents dote over them, how they start recognising you after 2-3 days into the inpatient wards.. its all so sweet.

Then to see a kid get better by the day-- lose that wheeze in his breathing, start gaining weight again after a protracted diarrhoea, begin feeding properly, lose all that puffiness he got from nephrotic syndrome, get rid of the chest tube that had been inserted for more than 15 days. All these little bits, and the kids' reaction to them.. their parents' happiness over all of it--make my day.

Now, I've had such fun in Peds, that I can't picture my self with adults! Kids actually end up making work fun with them!



  1. Yo Arps! ...

    Wow... it feels real GOOD to know that you are actually grown into one of those kind,beautiful grown ups with a stethoscope around their necks, who can make your pain, wheezing etc etc vanish with their healing touch! ... You should be with kids, anyday! ..
    I second this idea ... go for peds :D


  2. wow! you make me actually look like a healer of sorts. ahem... nothing that type right now..
    at present am just a measley intern roaming the wards...
    but amen to you!! :)



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