Thursday, September 2, 2010

Medic Music- 3

Here's the next bit in Medic Music.
Sung to the tune of the classic 'The Reason' by Hoobastank, listed some side effects of anti-cancer drugs.
(Apologies in advance for killing the awesome song that The Reason is.)

Here goes:


Vincristine’s neurotoxic
It causes SIADH too.
Vinblastine blasts the marrow
Hematopoetic cells remain a few.

Cyclo-P is an alkylating agent
That causes cystitis
--Hemorrhagic cystitis—
That needs to be prevented
Acrolein is the culprit.    
Mesna prevents it.

Cisplatin harms the kidneys
It causes 8th nerve toxicity too
Lung fibrosis is bleo--
And doxo is cardiotoxicity

With 5 fluoro uracil is seen
Photosensitivity-- yyy
(That’s *not* reversible with
A dose of leucovorin)
It needs thymidine for rescue
Thymidine rescues (4)

Mtx -- fatty liver
Myelosuppression’s also a taboo
Mucositis is prominent too
All s/e of Mtx
Coz folate is what he lacks
Leucovorin reverses
(It makes the patient the patient all better
And that’s all that matters!)

Original Song:
The Reason

Image from here.

Another thing, if anyone is interested, there's this cool Chemo-man to remember s/e of anti cancer meds:
Chemoman's image from here.


  1. Super like it!!!
    Again, an epitome of 'medical' creativity :)

  2. Thanks people :D (((hugs)))

    (although I am cringing at the vocals now ..clearly high notes are not meant for me!)

  3. Btw, I found this video on facebook, this is awesome called Finals Countdown set to the tune of We Didnt start the Fire! Its by a band called Amateur Transplants..who make awesome medical songs! For your medical music series..

  4. Haha! Yes love their songs. Hilarious!
    Have you checked out the one about Paracetomoxyfrusebendro...
    Its crazy!!

  5. LOL! I loved it! Their Department of Surgery song is really funny too..:D

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. If you need a thorough revision of anatomy:
    The lyrics of this band are so yummy...



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