Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brutal Assault

A black day was written in the history of Dr. S.N. Medical College last night when scores of students and doctors were brutally assaulted by the police/jawans. These residents of the UG boys hostel were victimized in their own home, as police barged inside the hostel and beat them up.
Penned by Telly, here is a summary of what happened:

Scheme of Events, (4th-5th Sept. 2010)

  • Trauma Centre – Two injured brought in, Resident Doctor attends. Lots of attendants with the injured, who end up in a verbal tussle with the Doctor. Doctor stops treatment. Returns to treat the injured after talks.
    Room broken in
  • Trauma Centre – The gang which assaulted the injured rushes in. Start violence. Doctor informs the colleagues to swarm in. Policemen come, and start hitting anyone, and everyone with Lathis. Resident Doctors beaten up.
  • Trauma Centre – In the meanwhile, Interns come for rescue. Police kick start their jeeps, and drive at break-neck speeds at Interns. Interns forced to run to their hostels.
Blood on the Terrace
  • Boys Hostel – Policemen run and lathi-charge the few students there. Students start pelting stones on them.
  • Boys Hostel – Huge number of policemen called in. 200 policemen, including RAC jawans stationed outside the Hostel. Students are called for. They are asked to come outside.
  • Boys Hostel – Policemen and RAC jawans rush in the hostels, indeterminate hitting by Lathis. Innocent students studying quietly in rooms, Sleeping, are hit with lathis. Doors are broken open. Coolers dismantled. Even students cooperating to come out are beaten like criminals.
  • Each step you take on the staircase, you receive one hit. Hit on head. Run behind a student till the terrace, loses balance, and falls down.
  • Mass looting by the policemen, money, mobiles. Laptops thrashed on the floor, on purpose. 
Meeting for calling a strike
  • Post-massacre – Immense political pressure to not let the senior doctors go on strike. Threatened in different ways.


  1. oh my gosh.. i never heard about it..its terrible..the system is definitely a mess. it is time for us take action rather than blab about it. i will definitely do my part.

  2. Oh that's really bad.. I was not aware of these incidents..



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