Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Pictures From Med School: Pic #1

Right! Since I have nothing better to do, I'm starting a series of putting up random pictures clicked during College. These get me nostalgic & are a reminder of those fun times.

This first one was clicked in one of the Lecture Theatres after a lecture.
While me and KK are jus' lying down to rest our backs, notice that AJ, at the back, has actually gone off to sleep!!! :D :D
Yeah! It doesn't take much to put us down for a nap. All we need is a place to rest our heads.

Oh! and talking about sleeping, let me also put up this classic one, clicked after a Pharma lecture (you can see the KDTs!). We're definitely not posing in this one!
D, KK and me had very well dozed off.... Some of the pharma lectures were really really sedative!! ( I guesss they wanted to give a practical example of how a sedative-hypnotic drug works!!)
Pharma Lecture ke S/E

Of course then there's this third one that's my favourite, just because of its sheer natural-ness. I mean, we were all so tired, that we went off to REM sleep within 2 minutes!! It took a while to get us back up... :D :D Of course all this was Second year-the best time of College!!
Wake Me Up When...


  1. THIRD year is the best year. Atleast i think it was. It's all a haze now LOL. Ur classroom looks just like yours. Why do all Indian medical lecture halls look absolutely alike?

  2. Good Stuff! Doesn't This looks like an awesome place to begin your academic program! The True Blue Campus at St. Georges University.

  3. I agree.

    6th sem is the best time!

    5th sem sucked bad!

    but you know what I noticed?

    in the pharma lecture, I see KDTs

    but I also see some novels.

    that. is really what class is all about.

  4. @crow: Hah! Good to know that all med LTs look the same! I always thought that ours were the suck-iest!! lol!!

    @deluded: yeah! so true..

  5. Community med people have stronger sedatives...


    THIRD year is the best year, except for community med!

    Why do all Indian medical lecture halls look absolutely alike?

    Agree, even out lecture halls are ecggatly the same!

  6. @drwiz:
    yay. for the similarities in the lec halls. you guys make me feel better about my college day after day!
    and disagree..with the best yr! 3rd sem--absolutely the BEST. hated ent and ophtho of pre-final :( they were horrors!



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