Monday, May 11, 2009

RPFMS: Pic#3

One thing that I noticed while looking through pics from med school is that there are a LOT of pictures of us sleeping in the LTs. I guess that was the thing we most often did! As though the lectures weren't sporofic enough, the early morning timings were icing on the cake!!!
Awright, I ain't gonna put in more pics of us snoozing! That'd take a LOT of time!!!

Still, one thing that we did best was sit around and talk!!! All that was needed, was a group of friends and a place to hang out (-- An empty LT was the best!!)
:D :D
Miss those days.


  1. is it really that missable?

    I ask, because it sure doesnt seem it'll be that way right now!

  2. oh you bet!
    the friends part is the most miss-able..
    esp the second year masti!!

    not so much for the books..
    in fact, the absence of lectures & exams is like freedom once you're out of med school!! :D :D



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