Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rock On!!

One word for the movie: Rocks!!!!!
Man!! I had been waiting for the movie long enough...& now that I've seen it, all I can say is that, is was WORTH the wait!! Farhan Akhtar rocks as the actor & more so, as the SINGER!! Has a different *in a good way* voice that blends really well with Shankar-Ehasaan-Loy's music! The music trio have put together an awesome bollywood-rock score. 'Socha Hai' & 'Pichle Saat Dino' are my absolute favourites!!
The actors were great. All four gel as a group. *gives a DCH like feeling at times* Get Purab's boyish charm, Luke's seriousness & Joe's solidarity. .& you can't help but feel good!
The direction-WOW. The song 'Sindbad the sailor' was the high point for me. It feels as if you're actually in a concert!!

Why am I doing a (something that cannot be even called a )movie review here? Coz I LOVED the movie *& Farhan in particular ;)* & wanted to pen down something abt it, just to get it out of my system :)
Go watch the movie. Live your dream.

Rock on!!


  1. Heyy ...
    looks like it is another one of the DCH genre :) ..
    somehow, I have been 'off' movies for quite some time *read:ages* (havent watched om shanti om etc -evn the SRK ones i mean -).. and recently called off plans for "Rock On " too ...
    maybe will check it out myself ..
    coz i liked something about this line here ... 'Live your dream' :D :D ..

    and ahem ahem ... u liked Farhan Akhtar in PARTIcular .. nice ..i think he looks (err..sounds) rather funny though :P .. and much as i loved DCH overall, the screenplay lost steam in places ... who's done the screenplay for this one- him again? and he's directed it too kya?
    anyway ... i saw the trailer for HP-6 the other day .. i somehow get this feeling that again, u'll watch that one before i do! .. :-(


  2. hey.. had mo clue abt the hp-6 trailer... saw it after u told me..!! it is GOOD!!! :)
    *hope i get to see it before u do*

    & okay...rock on might not be AS good as i made it out to be... but i loved it for the songs [& the singer ;) ]...

  3. I dun wanna see Dumbledore die tho :(

    i hate book 6's the darkest ...

  4. i LOVE bk 6!!
    one of my favourites!!!
    so want to see riddle's past! *that kid in the trailer looks good*

  5. :O how can u LOVE book 6? :O :O
    agreed that riddle's past was intriguing butttt... was totally devoid of humour, full of darkness, sadness (even boohoohoo-nesss [ref. the climax :( ])

    the only funny bit ws where harry goes to snape: "no need to call me sir, professor" ..that was totally lol..but was IT! how unlike JKR's books .. :(

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