Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dates in the calendar are closer than they appear!

*This is just to remind me to not while around, & get back to books!


  1. hahah...

    I really liked this note!

    The blog is great, the title is creative, and surely you will see me more ..

    it's true, dates are closer than what we think!

    Good luck..
    Mohammad, KSA.
    (or simply Dr.Mood)

  2. hey dr.mood...
    thanx!! i love it when pple notice the name... :D :D
    see u around..

    time's running!!
    will update blog later..

  3. Exam in four days.. really scared.. sittin online instead of muggin.. final year.. scary. Help!

  4. yeah its scary dude!! but i guess after the zillions of exams that we've taken before reachin this hell (:final yr)....i've actually become immune to them!!
    i mean...i got peds day after... still on chapter 2... & yet, i find time to check out the blog & reply to comments!!

    man! that's thick skinned!!

    dun'll pass..& hey that's how u learn to manage emergencies!!

    good luck!!!



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