Monday, March 9, 2009


Ah! So I finally finished Final Yr y'day.. & can assure you - I don't care how bad they were- I'm just glad that the exams are over!!
I've been giving exams on & off since last November!! First the medicine tutorials, then PUCs (which lasted for almost a month!!), then the whole set of Univs & finally the University decided that we did NOT deserve a they lined up the practicals..!!!
Actually I've so gotten into this habit of giving an exam, enjoying for a day or two, & then getting back to the next subject; that its hard for me to believe that I don't have to study anymore!!

Anyhow.. all that's past now!!

Altho I want to give a blow by blow account of the Universities, I won't do it coz it brings back scary memories. Lets just say that, Surgery-1 was the biggest nightmare of my life *goosebumps*. If I pass that one, I'm sure I'll do well in the others.

Will just leave it at this now.

The other happy news is that I got broadband back. Must admit, it'll take time for me to adjust to this computer screen now. My eyes & hand have well become adept at typing on the miniscule mobile screen.
Still, now that I have a full Qwerty board & a speed net connection, I'll try put up lots of posts... :)


  1. Hi, hope you ve done well in your exams

    Haiku poetry

  2. Heyya, we finished final year two months ago.. didn't clear medicine clinics :( but i'm sure u aced em all :P, keep writing :)

  3. Hey.. Yeah! Hoping that I'll meake it thru..
    Clinically, we have it much easier here these days. They hardly fail anyone. & that not coz the students are super-genius (doh!)..but coz the examiners are too lenient.. :D



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