Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Annd score!!

Yes. Its been twenty one days since that fateful day in October.
Had been waiting anxiously for my score sice the past two weeks, and it arrived fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.

I got that elusive 99.

Yay! Yay!

The past three weeks have been hell emotionally.
I've cried over wrong answers.
Brooded over the difficuilt questions.
Rationalised some ethics questions.
Decided on alternate career options.
And what not!*

I wish the NBME people would post the scores earlier. Whoever heard of the scores of an online exam delayed by atleast three weeks. (Even the state Pre-PG exams results are faster!- However crappy the quality of questions might be! :p) But seriously, some of the questions were maddening. Have never come across such questions, ever!
And even more frustrating was that I remembered a lot of them post-exam!

And now after the results, I feel I could've done a tad better had I not taken the exam as the 'most-important-exam-of-my-life'.
The exam period was spent in extremes. At one hand I was anxious during the early blocks. Lost confidence in the middle. And became complacent in the end-- just wanted to get over with it.

All that is past now.
With a good score, I can hapily leave Step1 behind and move on.

Bring on the next step!!

*All my apologies to Papa, Ritz, D, Kau, Navy, Avi, AnkC, Dibs and others who have had to deal with my depressed mood the past three weeks. I still blame the NBME for the tough test!


  1. Congrats congrats and congrats .because you can never tire of them ! Enjoy !

  2. thanks thanks thanks mate!
    and thanks again for sticking around..

    how's life and medicine?

  3. mention not !!
    and im having my 2nd prof univs from the 17th .
    *pretends to cut his own throat with an imaginary knife*
    so you can imagine how medicine is !!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. can u tell me something about how to go about prepping for the mle now that ur a mle phodu urself !!!! :-))))

  4. congratulations arps...way to go!! i knew you would post the score on ur blog boldly and publicly and wont have to mail it to me privately!!best of luck wid ur step 2

  5. Still X( for last 3 weeks.
    :) now that it is over!

    and just for the sake of it: Congrats! :D

  6. yes... congratulations are in order, i guess.... great thing man

    mind if i ask what your three digit score was?

  7. @Pi: Woah!! Good luck!! Time to slog then.. but you'll be a happy man on the other side :D

    @Tangled up, Heena , Manjit: Thank you, you lovely people =)

    @healer Geller: I said sorry in the post! Read again.

    @NerDoc: Thank you. Three digit.. err.. lets just keep that a secret and be happy with the 99 :D

  8. hey i read this today!! apologies accepted..forgiven..hehee



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