Monday, July 23, 2007

The End Of An Era

The last episode of the Final Season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was aired...
Back then it was sad... to know that I'll never be able to watch another new episode of the show know that there won't be any wait for the next season to begin... to know that there won't be any more cliff-hangers to discuss...
Well.. as Monica put it---it was "the end of an era"...

It was hard! But I pulled through knowing that there was STILL something else in my life that would keep me going. Something else that I was passionate about. Something that meant the world to me. Something that I knew still had endless stories to tell.. Yes... The last two books of Harry Potter were still there to look forward to!

21st July,2007:
The most awaited day of the year (apart from 15th March, of course!) was HERE!
It was a flurry of mixed emotions... I was apprehensive ( "What would the end be like"-wasn't this the most hyped about question??), yet excited (man!I woke up early that morning..!)
Nervous (Of course.. there was WAR in the book!!), yet looking forward to reading all the chapters (I was mortally afraid that someone would spill the spoiler before I'd finished..!)
Sad (knowing that it was the END!), yet happy (could've produced the BEST Patronus when I heard Chapter one being read by Jo on the net!!!)

In the morning,an hour before I got the book, it was as if --Ritu quotes Monica-- as if, "I had slept with a hanger in my mouth!" Couldn't stop grinning ear to ear... Even our Obs&Gynae teacher, who had an early morning class that day,must've wondered what was so funny about the "Management of twin births" ... Well.. it was the same for all of us Potter-heads at class...
Anyways...30 hours later.... as I almost reached the end.... I was crying!!! & howling at that too!!! I knew who died!!! Oh!It was SAD!!

But then I finished through the book... A nasty feeling crept over... It was all over... No more Potter!!! All the secrets were out. Now there won't be anymore books to look forward to. No more theories to go through. No more endless hours of discussions about what was to come. No more waiting day-by-day for the next book. No more setting of the new book cover as the Profile Pic or Mobile wallpaper (eh, Ritz,Avi,Shruti??)... It had all come to an end.

So here concluded another thread of life. It was the worst feeling! Oh! I wish I could've read a bit slower... And try as I might, I still can't feel as close to any other novel as I was to the Potter books... There was magic in them,to get even a non-reader like me to love 'em! it stays... F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & Potter... gone...ended...finished!!!! Let's see if I can find something else that I'm as passionate about, as I was to these two...
Any suggestions???

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