Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Books That 'M Enjoying..

I wanted to list some Medical Texts that I've consulted recently & found pretty interesting... Not for the "immense knowledge" that they endow.. but for the totally random (& at most times useless!) facts that they contain.... They do make pretty interesting reading..(the facts I mean..):

*Actually these two are the ONLY books that I've liked in all my years in College!

Book 1: Clinical Medical Examination By Talley/O 'Connor
This one makes good reading. Has the bare minimum of clinical aspects required but is filled with random facts about diseases & scientists...
-Did u know that Gullian-Barre disease was also supposed to have another name in the entymology: Strol. Initially it was Gullian-Barre-Strohl disease, but the last name was dropped due to the anti-German feelings during the WW-II . Poor Strohl was sent into anonymity coz of being German!
See... that's the kind of stuff u'll learn from the book!! :)

One quote from the book that I really love:
"To study the phenomenon of disease without books is to sail an uncharted sea.
But to study book without patients, is not to go to the sea at all!"

Book 2: Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Medicine.
This one is a small pocket book which actually has the PRACTICAL aspects needed!
Just started this one but am thoroughly enjoying it. This one too has some random stuff, though most of it is in the form of lines from literature. Has some really good mnemonics.
I prefer this one for a bedtime read these days.
Worth a try.

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