Sunday, October 14, 2007

Missing RKK!!!!

Okay..... This is all Shruti's work... But man! Its soo good!!!
Uska dimag in cheezon mein 'computer se bhi tez chalta hai'!!!
Just copy-pasting the stuff:

*the best one:
"Gass.. gass... Keep Gassing.."- Mr. M (playing Mr.Mysterious in the comp lab)

Annd others at the comp lab:
" Kintu, Parantu, But aur Lekin...."- Moonface(this was his takiyakalam)
"I will not repeat this again...and ..again and again..."-Moonface again,defiling the sanctity of the word "repeat"

Now others:
"Arrrreey Betaaa...aap ke liye toh main stage laga deta hoon--jake naach lo. AB padhai karke kya teer maar loge.."- Prof Snape (king of sarcasm to me, wen i ws cribbing abt Exam Syllabus)

" Omg! I Kent beleevit" -(don't frown Arps) --u no who...-Prof. Vector ;)

"Awlraaaeeet...*as nasal as nasal can get*...question KAHming to youuuu...get crackkingg"...
-----no guesses *solemn look*

"Plss understand S$#%@, you are always in MY EYES " ;)-- Phy teacher No. #$% wen asked by the girl "Sir, why are you always aftr my life- of all ppl!!"

"I throws the ball...the ball going....going...GONE!!"...- SAME GUY...teaching Projectile motion

"arrre betaaaa....Dash laga ke likho...."
"fine betaa if thts what u wish. I'll tell u only one thing :Goto hell betaaa!!" (can u beat that!! Neha got this..)- Snape again..

"Kapteeen , Vice Kapteeen saawdhan"*dil dehla dene wali whistle*- PowerHorn Sir..(Oooh temme u got that)...

:Lab Asst. : C'mon class 9, P Sir is waiting for u in the class *class moving reluctantly*
S$%^#: thank u sir..aaj aapne humko uthaya hai, kal bhagwaan aapko uthayega.."

I'm also REALLY missing Patrick's at this point of time....But don't have/remember any such instances to write!!!!

But yeah! School was FUN!!! :)
Missing the good ol' times!!!

*PS:Shruti, next time lets have one on Brills & other tutions!!!! Pleezzzz!!!!!! *begging*

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