Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My First Time At Labour Room

Yesterday was the first time I set foot into the Ummed Hospital labour room, which by the way caters to the huge population of the entire Jodhpur district & more for conducting deliveries...(:see the PSM works here!!!)

First of all, let me clear up one thing for fellow medics who’ve actually bothered to linger around for so long at the blog (this is barring aside ritz, of course!).

You must be wondering WHY did I have to wait till the 7th sem to go to the labour room for the first time..!!??!! Well, the fact here is that I was seriously apprehensive of what was there to see in there. The thought of seeing even a “normal delivery” was kind of scary & I kept putting it off……..

& vaise we haven’t been posted as much in the O&G dept as such (the 3rd sem posting, well we kindof bunked; & the 5th sem posting, was missed coz of the univ exams!!!)…

So there I was at the Labour room yesterday…standing with D & Urmila (who had been to the area previously & seen deliveries!!).

Well.. while standing there, the first thing I got to see was the removal of the placenta…. Frankly, the sight was pretty nauseating at first—seeing all the blood... but made through that & while I was revelling in the feat--- that was seeing the process,---- a lady was brought in wherein the crowning had already occurred & was abt to deliver!! Boss, gave a quick episiotomy incision, & what started to come out was a dirty, black thingie…I thought for a moment that the baby was dead & macerated….

But the “black thingie” turned out to be the baby’s head & as boss externally rotated & pulled on the trunk, I wondered if she was trying to decapitate the kid. But then, out came the trunk & the legs… & a li’l boy was born!!! He cried at once to announce his safe arrival!

He was gross!!!! Covered in fluids & blood… Not a pretty sight… But as the nurse took him to the incubator & cleaned him up, he started gaining a bit of colour. As he was weighed, he got active & started moving out hands & feet. Looked amazing now!!!

It took hardly two minutes for him to come out of the womb, all filthy & transform into this b’ful little human being!!!

Now, I realize why its called “the miracle of birth”…..

As we were watching this baby, another one was born…. It was a if it was raining kids that day!!!

This one was a girl & had her cord tied round her ankle…It was cyanosed… As boss untangled the cord, the foot became normal & we heard her first cry!!

Another one was a breech presentation…

There was one who refused to cry & had to have the paeditrician come & do a check up!!

Now then, amidst all the deliveries, we also got to see some sutures done & got to administer oxygen to this girl who was cyanosed, & administer methergine injection to the iv line…

Basically, after seeing all these deliveries, I’ve found the Labour Room a pretty interesting place to be…& maybe you’re reading the blog of a “future Obstetrician” right now… :) (vaise lemme clear up one thing here…that my future plans change with every other posting…… so it might not be long before you get to hear from a “future Surgeon” too!!!) ;)

Anyways, I just need to write this down coz my fellow “A-batchmates” (except D, who was with me all the time) would’nt even listen to my labour room stories…… So I decided to drop the bomb on YOU!!!!


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