Monday, October 15, 2007

I'll Be There For Youuu....

The pulling each others' legs o'er each small thing,

The lifting up spirits when one is down,

The going together for a shake or a coffee,

& trying to wipe off each others' frown.

The begging for treats on every occasion,

The planning to go on morning walks.

The "detailed discussions" of the future,

All the while sitting around in .....................!!

The notions to do something different,

The writing applications to the Dean.

The decisions to watch a movie,

Over the long list of movies already seen!!

The unlimited hours of gossip,

The kind words of encouragement.

The long talks over the phone,

& ALL the messages that are sent...!!

All these things--& more,

May seem to last just a while.

But the moments are PRICELESS,

& that's bein' FRIENDS FOR LIFE..!!!!

fOR.... adi,avi,ankita,navy,kaushik & ritz!!!!!

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