Sunday, October 28, 2007

So done with the OnG posting..

Finished up with the 7th sem Gynae posting...and yes! like I've said before, this was the first time I actually went for the damn thing!!
Amazingly, I actually enjoyed the posting this time on... Maybe it was because I was posted with a really good Unit in the Dept... but whatever.. made the most of it and basically liked it all!! :)

Here are some things I learnt during the month:
1. Donning gloves is not all that tough :P
2. How to identify a full bladder and catheterize a female.
3. The boys in our Unit don't care a shit to come and attend the classes.
4. Some male gynecologists are actually good at teaching! (hats off to CP Sir)
5. AJ's long locks are noticable to all. ;)
6. You can never find the teacher if u're late on 'free days'!!
7. If u go into the OT, when some resident has done their first op, you get to eat sweets! :)
8. AIDS counselling for pregnant ladies is NOT compulsory!!! So... beware, when u're taking those deliveries in the labour room.
9. Giving birth to a baby is TOUGH on the mom... more so for a primipara!!
10. A woman CAN have a 10 month old baby and *still* be 7 months pregnant.
11. Gynaecologists in general... love eating! [prem-vilas ke samose] ;)
12. You must get your attendance registered on the same day...or they'll mark you absent.
13. While doing the 2nd Pelvic Grip, the ulnar border of the hand should rest on the pubic symphysis of the patient.
14. There's a room next to the PV room, that is exclusively meant for students to study!!
15. Most couples don't believe in birth control!
16. There's a LOT to learn.
17. Fourth Unit rocks!!

*Next Surgery*

- AL (VII Semester)

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