Monday, December 27, 2010


I have been neglecting the blog for quite some while now (umm.. over three months!). While I apologize for it, I would also like to tell y'all the couple of excuses that I have lined up for the neglect :P

1. Microblogging: Twitter has taken over my blogging (for now). Now days, anything remotely interesting that happens in life is reported instantly on Twitter, rather than waiting to write on the blog later. Even things that I am wondering about, missing, enjoying or need to decide on are posted on Twitter for instant decisions.
Must say, I've met quite a few fantastic (and some not-so-fantastic-yet-interesting) people via the microblogging site. :)
I tweet as @drarps by the way.

2. Laziness: Yes, I've admitted to this before and I'll say it again-- I am a lazy blogger. (I still have the Birthday post to finish -- which I can't actually do for another couple of months since I don't have the clues with me as I travel)

Which brings us to point three:
3. Travel: I have been traveling quite a bit in the past two months. If you think it would provide quite some fodder for the blog, you are correct!
I've had my share of mishaps and incidents, (been lost in a strange city, seen some amazing places, spent more than the average person's share at the airport, traveled in a bus where a physical fight broke out at 3 in the night! etc.) but I've seriously been pretty busy planning out the routes and flights, to keep up with the blog.
Again, all these incidents were taken out of my system by ranting on twitter.

4. Exam-lessness: As is natural, the quantity of blogging ideas (and will to publish them), is inversely proportional to the amount of time on hand. Therefore, I blog most often when I am preparing for an exam and am constantly stuck with books.
Technically, I have an exam to prepare for even now, but I haven't been studying for it (why: see point #3). So, I guess for me, no exam= no blogging.

Well, my excuse list ends here. I agree these are pretty lame, but this is all I have for now. Maybe one day I'll become more responsible towards the blog and write more often. Till then I leave you with these pictures that show how I've been the past three months--
(Keep praying for me. Okay?)

And where have I been? Here mostly.

Also, while I end the excuse post, I'll leave you to read the pick of posts on the blog-
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